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    Waste water from Plastic recycling plant, mostly contaminant is Suspended Substance, few soluble solid.
    Our project take use of Coagulated deposition-Air floating process in plastic washing waste water, treat the waste water quickly for reuse.

    1. design parameters
    A. Waste water source: plastic recycling plants
    B. Waste water volume: 10-40T/H(according to the waste water from plastic recycling plants,different treatment solutions for waste water in different capacity)
    C.Efluent quality
    ItemInflow quality Efluent quality
    SS(Suspended Substance)≤2000mg/L≤100mg/L

    2.process flowchart
    For our waste water treatment system, main purpose is to get rid of SS from waste water. A well-developed Coagulated deposition-Air floating process is used.

    More details please contact G.E.T without hesitate!
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