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    Center feeding”
    Pressing pressure is smaller than or equal to 10mpa”
    This series of filter press can be classified into chamber type and plate-frame type according to filter plates; closed-channel flow type and open-channel flow type according to liquid outlet modes; middle feeding and corner feeding according to feeding modes; It is selectable as customers’demand.
    In operation, the compressing mechanism pushes the push plate to compress the head-tail plate, filter plate and filter cloth between the push plate and thrust plate, the filter chamber is formed between the compressed filter plates, the materials pumped by the material pump enter the filter chamber through the feed inlet on head plate, the solid particles are retained in the filter chamber and form into filter cake, and the liquid is discharged from the outlet after penetrating the filter cake and filter cloth. If the water content is necessarily to be further lowered, the compressed air can be pumped in from the feed inlet to take away most water content in the filter cake while penetrating through the filter cake layer.
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